If you look hard enough, each day can provide an epiphany. Today, mine came via my Coach, Mark [yes, Coaches have Coaches]. We were talking about the passion I have for Human Resources, something I try to communicate in my blog and in my conversations with anyone who will listen. I liken myself to Underdog™, fighting the good fight for injustices real and perceived. Then Mark hit me with the question, “You like to fight, but what are you fighting for?”

Despite my efforts to deflect the question with a snarky answer (“truth, justice, and the American way”), I was gobsmacked. That’s a question where the response should be rote. So my assignment? Figure out what (or who) the heck I’m fighting for:

  1. Communicators ~ Real communicators within the organization, no matter the title or level. Those who challenge “group-think,” ask questions, avoid catch-phrases, and give honest feedback. I fight for them.
  2. Risk-takers ~ The innovators, trail-blazers, mavericks, and visionaries that exist in your company. Finding them, engaging them, and allowing them the environment to blossom. I fight for them, too.
  3. Transparency ~ Challenges exist. Some may lead to problems, some may cause awkward and uncomfortable conversations; good. It’s worth fighting for.
  4. lion-cowardly-courage


    Courage ~ This may be the root cause of all that precede it. Not specifically relegated to Human Resources, but certainly an opportunity for us to distinguish ourselves. It’s our job to fight for the best interest of the employees (and that includes the leaders of the company) as a whole.

  5. Fairness ~ Don’t we all want an equal shot? Companies are a microcosm of our society, so inequities in pay, stature, status, title, etc., are all a part of the dynamic. The difference? In a company, you may actually be able to impact the situation directly.

Even that seems a little “listy” for something that is a burning ember in my soul. Lists are more methodically composed, so maybe this will help me narrow my fight down to one root cause. I’m working on it, so should you.