The Secret to Creating a Bi-Winning Employee Engagement Strategy

‘Bi-winning’, a term popularized by actor Charlie Sheen, means winning on the ultimate level. Bi-winning is “winning here, and winning there”. And I am about to share with you the secret to a bi-winning employee engagement strategy.

Yes, a strategy that is winning here, and winning there. It is the secret to creating a strategy that improves employee discretionary effort while driving bottom line business results. In other words, a learning strategy that is a win for everyone.

In Learnkit’s 2015 North American workforce study, over 400 employees were asked about their engagement and performance at work. The findings revealed some astounding results about the impact effective training and onboarding had on employee engagement.

Key findings from the study showed that:

  • 66% of employees say they value learning opportunities over monetary compensation

  • 63% of employees said they would be more engaged if they had better training

  • 40% said their engagement would improve if they had better onboarding

Providing effective onboarding and ongoing training makes a big difference to your employee engagement. It enables employees to add value to the business and feel good about their success. A strong culture of learning is one of the most important aspects to remain competitive in today’s business landscape, because what you get is a more knowledgeable and more engaged workforce. And that means a win for everyone.

So here you have it, this infographic reveals the secret to creating a bi-winning learning strategy.

(*Guest blog by our new friend at LearnKit, Moira van den Akker)


The Key to Employee Engagement
Courtesy of: Learnkit