What a bad couple of months for the University of Florida football program, huh? First, Aaron Hernandez confuses Goodfellas with his life story, and now Riley Cooper’s ridiculous outburst delivers another black eye (no pun intended) to the legacy of Urban Meyer’s Gator football program. Actually, this should be no real surprise – 41 of the 121 players Meyer coached on his 2008 Nat’l Championship roster have been arrested (NY Times). That’s a lot of stupid on one team.



Ironic that a team featuring Tim Tebow will be remembered as a gang of outlaws.

Then you have my man, Johnny Manziel. As a Texas A&M grad myself, I can’t tell you the pride we (Aggies are always “we”) felt when that kid took the college football world by storm. Now, if we could just lock him in solitary until the season starts, we just might make it through another glorious season – even if the odds of that happening aren’t looking good.

Manti Teo? Fake girlfriend, established “catfishing” as a real threat in today’s world.

Terrelle Pryor? Tatoo-gate.

Ryan Braun, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens? Cheaters, drug-users, liars and frauds.

The point? We hire people every day ~ we see extraordinary talent, unlimited potential, incredible skill-sets….and maybe a red flag or two (or three, but who’s counting?) Go into the process with eyes wide open at the deal you are signing with the Debbil (apologies to Bobby Boucher) – you may get some shining moments from these folks, but at some point “stupid” overcomes everything else.

Add the prospect of “stupid” having Twitter & Facebook access, and you exponentially increase your odds of being attached to the person and the behavior. Ask Urban Meyer.

Don’t be stupid.

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